SEPI Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales


SEPI seeks to achieve the highest profitability from its shares and participations

SEPI’s creation Law stipulates its functions:

  • To promote and coordinate the activities of the companies in which it is the direct holder of the shares.
  • Setting up the strategy and making an overview of the planning of the companies in which it has a direct majority participation, and carrying out the follow-up and control of its implementation. 
  •  Managing its shares and participations and carrying out all kind of financial transactions.
  • Establishing the general guidelines for the activity of its companies, implementing the Government’s guidelines on corporate modernization and reorganization, safeguarding the public interest.  

SEPI’s main goal is achieving the highest profitability of its shares and participations through: 

  • Defining and authorizing the strategies and setting up the significant actions and the annual goals for all its companies. 
  • Designing plans for the future which envisage the operating, financing, organizational, and working environment improvements in the loss-making companies. 
  • Controlling the efficiency in relation with the companies in which it has a direct and majority participation.