SEPI Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales

About SEPI

SEPI headquarters

The scope of action of SEPI covers 14 majority-owned companies, 9 minority-owned companies, and 100 companies in which it has an indirect participation

Órganos de DIrección

The governing bodies of SEPI are the Presidency and the Board of Directors; the Steering Committee in its executive body

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What we do

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SEPI seeks to achieve the highest profitability from its shares and participations

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Our activities contribute to the economic and social recovery

Impulso I+D+i

Research and development are key factors for consolidating and raising the companies’ competitiveness level



SEPI has its original background in the National Institute of Industry (INI), whose history has marked the evolution of the Spanish public business sector for more than 75 years.

Corporate responsibility

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SEPI implements a socially and economically responsible management through the promotion, coordination and control of its companies’ activities

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SEPI's commitment to society is manifested through its values: rigor, austerity, professionalism and transparency

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The commitment to achieving a sustainable development constitutes one of the priorities in the management of the companies which make up Grupo SEPI