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Grupo ENSAManufacture and supply of nuclear components

ENSA is engaged in the manufacture and supply of nuclear components and containers for spent fuel, as well as of heavy components for energy, chemical and steel milling facilities. Furthermore, the company has a business line focused on the maintenance, support and operation, the closure and dismantling of power generating plants.

Centro de Tecnología Avanzada

The facilities which ENSA has in Maliaño (Cantabria) include a workshop for the manufacture of large components, as well as the Centro de Tecnología Avanzada (Advanced Technology Center) for developing innovative manufacturing and inspection techniques, including certified laboratories.

Manufacture of large components 

Reputed within the nuclear industry for the quality of its products and the high technology applied to its processes, ENSA is specialized on the manufacture of large components, such as reactor’s vessels, steam generators, the piping for the primary coolant circuit, heat exchangers, fuel items heads, casks for fuel storage and transport, and fuel racks.

During the more 40 years since its incorporation, ENSA has supplied items which operate safely and accurately in nuclear stations of different designs all over the world, meeting the international regulations and the most demanding quality requirements.

Its ENWESA subsidiary is a service company specialized on maintenance and mechanical and electrical assembly, and on instrumentation and control engineering; communication systems and nuclear services in energy stations, in petrochemical and naval industries, among others.

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