SEPI Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales


Grupo ENUSANuclear business in the first stage of the fuel cycle, and environmental services

ENUSA focus its nuclear business on the first stage of the fuel cycle, which it commercializes both at the domestic and international levels. At the same time, for the last few years it has been leading innovative environmental projects.

ENUSA supplies enriched uranium to the power companies which own the Spanish nuclear stations. It manages its purchase, the conversion and enrichment services, and the logistics of the movement of uranium from its place of origin to the delivery of the enriched uranium to the fuel factories. 

The average yearly production of the Juzbado Factory (Salamanca) is of 330 Tons of uranium, of which 60% is exported.

ENUSA has got a company for the transport of nuclear materials and of radioactive products: ETSA, a global and multimodal (by land, sea, and air) operator.

The environmental business is focused on the services for the preservation of the Environment and energy efficiency. Through its affiliated company EMGRISA, it treats and manages all kind of wastes, the study and treatment of polluted soils and waters, the environmental engineering and consulting, as well as radiological studies.