SEPI Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales


MAYASAProjects for industrial, environmental, and cultural research. Agricultural and stockbreeding activities

The main activity of the MAYASA Company is focused on the promotion of industrial, touristic, and cultural projects, as well as in initiatives which seek to promote the research and new technologies regarding mercury and other potentially toxic metals.

The company is also in charge of operating its farming and stockbreeding rural estates, as well of carrying out the restoration and maintenance of its historical heritage and the environmental recovery of its surrounding area.

Parque Minero de Almadén

After the closure of the mines, part of these mining and metallurgical facilities were turned into the Parque Minero de Almadén (Almadén’s Mining Park). 

Centro Tecnológico del Mercurio 

The Technological Center for Mercury carries out research works aimed at providing scientific and technological support to the elimination of mercury-related risks. 

Planta de Estabilización de Mercurio

The coming into force of the European Union regulation which forbids the export of metallic mercury also requires its safe storage. MAYASA is considering the development of this technique for stabilizing mercury through the coming into operation of an industrial plant in Almadén.

In October 2017, SEPI authorized the company to invest 3 M€ in the construction of the Mercury Stabilization Plant, a project which might turn MAYASA into a world level referent on the treatment for the stabilization of toxic and dangerous materials.

Dehesa de Castilseras

This consists in a farming estate in the Ciudad Real province, with a surface of almost 9,000 Hectares, for farming and stockbreeding activities, as well as for ecotourism.