SEPI Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales

Impulso I+D+i

Research and development are key factors for consolidating and raising the companies’ competitiveness level

Promoting R&D

Grupo SEPI applied to innovation 81.7 M€ in 2020, which represented 1.8% of its turnover

Innovation plays a key role within Grupo SEPI in its strategy for improving the products and services of its companies in a globalized market; the goal is to develop its activity within the society on the basis of sustainability criteria.

SEPI focuses its management, among other questions, on authorizing the activities of its affiliated companies, providing advice to public institutions, and assessing environmental situations. SEPI finances projects through a fund for promoting research.

Innovative projects 

The companies of Grupo SEPI are leading 181 R&D projects, with 63 new projects started in 2020. 

The digital challenge

Grupo SEPI continues with its digital transformation, as part of a longtime innovative effort. The fast development of the new information and communication technologies is having a permanent impact on its companies.

Digitalization affects all the companies within the Group. In keeping with their activity and features, they are including new tools to their production processes, and are engaged in providing training to their employees for their adaption to the digital culture.

Fundación Cotec 

As part of its commitment with innovation, SEPI became a member of the Board of Trustees of Fundación Cotec for Innovation in 2018, as a full Member. This entry answers one of the entity’s commitments for promoting R&D.