SEPI Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales

Impulso I+D+i

Research and development are key factors for consolidating and raising the companies’ competitiveness level

R&D promotion

We support innovative projects in our companies for promoting their competitive position 

SEPI Group destined to innovation 106.7 M€ in 2022, 10% more than in the previous financial year.
Innovation is mostly focused on promoting the digital transformation and the R&D activities, having sustainability as one of its main axes.

Among other issues, SEPI focuses its management on the approval of the activities of its companies, the advice given before organizations and entities, and the assessment of environmental situations. SEPI finances innovative projects through a fund for research promotion.

Innovative projects 

Most of the effort on R&D by Grupo CORREOS, which amounted to 28.7 M€, was applied to different software development projects for business information systems and to engineering projects for the automatization of postal and packaging handling processes.

In shipbuilding, the R&D effort by Grupo NAVANTIA amounted to 69.1 M€  in 2022, applied to consolidating the priority lines linked to surface vessels, submarines, systems and processes.

Within the environmental and agrarian area, the effort on R&D by Grupo TRAGSA reached 3.3 M€,  with the development of 31 projects in the R&D portfolio.

In the energy field, ENUSA aimed tis projects to improving its manufacturing equipment, its capabilities for the dismantling business, new products and customer support. The Group’s effort on R&D amounted to 2.6 M€, with the start of 14 new projects, with a total portfolio of 58 in different stages of development. ENSA focused its R&D projects, with the investment of 2 M€, on improving its production processes and on the design and manufacture of fuel casks, as well as on expanding the range of products for the dismantling of nuclear power plants. 

For its part, Grupo HUNOSA kept taking part in several European R&D projects. 

Digital challenge

SEPI Group continues working on the digital transformation process, with an important innovative effort. 

The companies promote the implementation of projects, which are making possible the integration of the digital technologies within all the areas, with the goal of optimizing their production processes and providing value for facing future challenges.

All of the above entails a cultural change which requires the effort of all the organization for reaching excellence.

Fundación Cotec 

It is as part of this commitment with innovation that SEPI is part of the Board of Trustees of Fundación Cotec for Innovation since 2018, as a regular Benefactor Trustee. This incorporation is the result of the entity’s commitment with the promotion of R&D.